How do I change the bulb in this light fixture?
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I can't for the life of me get the hang of changing the bulb in this wall-mounted lighting fixture. I've done it before but it always takes me ages, I'm never quite sure how I did it, and this time I just can't seem to get it open no matter what I do.

I know that the gold pieces at the top/bottom are on springs (ish) and they move up/down, allowing the glass part to swing to the side exposing the bulb, but HOW do I get the gold pieces to release? I feel like there must be a trick or technique that I'm not getting. Please see pic, thanks!
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Can you tell us what you have tried and did not work? My first thought would be that the metal parts slide up resp. down when you push them in that direction, can we assume you have tried that?
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It looks like there are gaps between the glass and the bottoms of the gold parts. Could it be that you just push in on their bottom edges?
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I've seen something similar where the metal bits were spring loaded. You had to push them along the plane of the wall to get them to open, then the glass bit came free.
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Usually when confronted with something like that (something I fiddle with for a while trying to find the trick) it ends up being a simple friction fit that just needed to be pulled straight off with a bit of determination. Can you fit some kind of shim behind it and see if it has any give when you try to pry it from the wall?

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Response by poster: Thanks for your responses, yes the metal bits do need to be pulled straight up/down (actually just the top piece needs to go up OR the bottom piece needs to go down—not both), but the issue is that I can't get them to budge... I like the idea of sticking something in there to try & shimmy them loose. I'll try that!
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Maybe the mechanism just needs a teeny tiny spritz of silicone oil or WD40?
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actually just the top piece needs to go up OR the bottom piece needs to go down—not both

Have you tried the opposite, i.e. pushing the top one down or lifting the bottom one?
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Best answer: At the end of this thread we have a conclusive answer to the question:
How many mefites does it take to change a lightbulb?
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Maybe the weight of the glass piece is putting outward pressure on the metal pieces and keeping them from sliding. Can you push the glass piece inwards toward the wall while you attempt to slide the top metal piece up?
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Response by poster: I got it! I'm actually still not sure what I did, but I think I kind of jiggled the gold piece to loosen up the springs while pushing the glass part in, or out, or down, or something, to lessen the pressure against the gold part. I don't really know. But thank you for all your suggestions. WD40 would probably help in the future.
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Maybe give it a little squirt of powdered graphite, rather than WD40, for ease of re-opening.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the many & magical powers of WD40! But for something like this, where its likely to be (hopefully) a couple years until you need to change the bulb again, it'll probably be gathering at least some dust, and dust + WD40 could equal a sticky, gummy problem. Graphite + dust won't be as gooey.
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