Looking for video sources/movie references for natural phenomena
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I'm searching for visual reference material, in the area of kinetic natural phenomena - think falling rocks, volcanic eruptions, flowing magma, good tornado sequences, anything menacing, optimally POV. Photorealistic preferable, CG perfectly suitable, any duration, web or DVD sourced, docs or movies. Thanks!
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Best answer: Dave's landslide blog has a ton of videos of land & mudslides, some POV.

Maurice and Katia Krafft were vulcanologists with an incredible array of volcanic footage, some of which can be found here. (In French, but the translation works) The pyroclastic flow which killed them was filmed and is on youtube here.

Really, though, searching youtube for things like tsunami or tornado can get you some good POV videos, but if you want some excellent kinetic action, I suggest flash flood.

Is there something very specific you're looking for? Because I have a ton of videos bookmarked that I could point you towards.
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There's also a great collection of lahars - a mixture of fast moving volcanic ash and mud - and other debris flows here.
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Ice calving videos:
From Chasing Ice, the largest glacial calving ever filmed.
Arctic ice nearly on top of a small zodiak-type boat.
Large wall collapse sweeps away people on shore (warning: injuries)
Sawyer glacier collapse with flying ice (warning: injuries) Another viewpoint
Wall collapse with big wave coming towards boat
Wave coming at boat, boat speeding away (BBC narrated)
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Southwestern flash floods, aka idiots in the desert:
Antelope Canyon (where numerous people have died) 1, 2
Page, AZ
Canyoneering turns stupid, somehow they live
Let's drive across a flash flood!
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Tumbleweed Firenado
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