What kind of Fiber patch cable do I need
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Help me find the right fiber patch cord between an HP and a Cisco switch.

Cisco X2-10GB-SR with a switch that has this module: HP X132 10G SFP+ LC SR.

Is it possible to connect these with a patch cable? Is it something like this?
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Not an expert on fiber patch cables, but that looks correct to me. Cisco claims their X2 optics are SC and the HP is LC. So the 50/125 LC-SC MMF ought to work.
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Looks correct. The key words are that both ends are 10GBASE-SR, the SR being "short reach", which means multi-mode fiber (MMF). Then you just need to match the connector types, SC on the Cisco side and LC on the SFP+/HP side.

There are multiple variants of MMF with different core sizes, but any should work as long as you're not approaching the distance limitations (10s of meters). The cheap stuff will be the older 50/125 which is colored orage. You'll also see newer "OM3" MMF which is teal.

Keep in mind with a duplex (2 fibers) patch cable you may need to disassemble the clip at one end of the cable in order to match transmit (tx) on one side to receive(rx) on the other. This shouldn't be a big deal but make sure you check if it doesn't "link up" right away when you try it.
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Yeah - you should be good. Both optics are 850nm multimode and the connectors look right on that patch cable.

2nding frontmn23's comment about possibly having to swap the cable ends. Generally this is easier on SC connectors. Obvious warning is obvious: DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE CABLE OR THE OPTICS if it's possible they're live.
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