Short-term housing in San Francisco
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I'm considering attending a six-month web development bootcamp in San Francisco that runs from October to April, and I'm wondering what I can expect to pay for housing. I'm interested in learning both about cheaper arrangements like SROs in Chinatown and housing oriented towards students, as well as about what it might cost to get a room in a "normal" multi-bedroom apartment for that period.

- The bootcamp is gSchool, located at 543 Howard Street. I have already been admitted and have a week to decide if I'm going to attend.
- I speak/read Chinese. Mandarin only so far, but having looked at some learning materials for Cantonese I'm confident I can get myself up to a basic functional level by October if it'd be necessary to rent a place in Chinatown.
- I may have the opportunity to attend the same bootcamp's Boulder, Colorado, location instead. SF tuition is about $2000 more expensive, plus the additional cost of living in SF, but my feeling is that the relative expense of SF is worth it due to increased opportunity to network and attend tech meetups in SF, and also because SF has a cool-sounding apprenticeship element of the course that Boulder won't have during the time I would attend. I would appreciate hearing affirming/dissenting opinions if anyone has them.

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Take a look at Oakland/Berkeley right off BART.

Your school is close enough to BART that you're probably going to find a nicer place in the East Bay with all the upside of SF just a really short trip away.
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As a heads up, there are sometimes inexpensive rooms available with people who have rent-controlled apartments, but I would expect that these people are less likely to choose you as a housemate because of the negative attitude/animosity toward tech people which is common among the more radical and/or less wealthy here.
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The place all my SF folks go when they can't find a roommate on Facebook is Craigslist. The prices there are representative, which is to say completely shocking. Rooms rent for what a good sized apartment would in most of the country.
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"I'm interested in learning both about cheaper arrangements like SROs in Chinatown..."

SROs in the city aren't for the student or tech crowd. This article gives you a sense of SROs in the city.
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In West Oakland, you can still find rooms for about $600/room.
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Sent you an email.
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