Help me buy this ring box for my fiancé. Details below.
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So my fiancé and I have already picked out our wedding rings and will be getting them (coincidently) exactly one year before our wedding. Our engagement party is the following night. I want to surprise her with this ring box. Only problem is the company does not ship to Australia. What are my options and roughly how much would postage cost to Brisbane, Australia.
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Best answer: Do you have any friends in the US? If so, maybe you could ship the ring box to them and Paypal them the funds for shipping. I just used USPS' Calculate a price function, and using a flat-rate International Priority Mail Medium Box, shipping to Brisbane would cost about $60. The package would arrive in 6-10 days.

Come to think of it, if you don't have any US friends, feel free to Memail me - I'd be happy to give you my address so you could have it mailed to me, and then to ship it on to you.
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I'd make the same offer, and I'm sure plenty of other people here would as well. Shipping something like that to Australia is easy (and I'd think should be cheaper than $60, but maybe that's a rush price?) and isn't any big imposition.

(Also, have you asked the company directly if they would ship it to you? Places may say "no" to international shipping on their website but be willing to do so if asked directly. Asking is easy and you are no worse off if they say no.)
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Response by poster: Great idea. Unfortunately I do not know anyone in the US but would gladly take up someone's offer here. I have emailed the company direct and explained the situation. I'll wait to see what their reply is and let you all know.
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Best answer: I'd recommend using a parcel forwarding company who will allow you to mail the package to them and ship it on to you in Australia for a small fee.

I'm in Australia too and I can highly recommend They only charge $1 to forward a parcel plus the cost of the actual postage, and because they mail items in bulk they offer pretty substantial discounts on carriers such as TNT and FedEx. (Or you can select a cheaper service but sometimes that can be a bit slower).

I use Shipito all the time (just paid for my 25th parcel in fact) and it makes shopping from the US a breeze. I just enter my Shipito address instead of my Australian address during the checkout process - I even use it as my default shipping address on eBay.

If the box is under half a kilo I would guess that shipping via Shipito from TNT or FedEx would be about $25 - $30AUD; probably under $10 if you use economy airmail, but that can take 2 - 3 weeks.
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Dang it, came in to offer to re-ship for you, but I see schroedingersgirl and Dip Flash beat me to it! Oh well, if neither of them can do it, and RubyScarlet's doesn't work out, order it sent to me and I'll forward it to you. Memail me if you want my address.
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I buy a fair amount of stuff online which is shipped to me (central NSW) from the US, and I'd be very surprised if the postage cost $60.

I'd budget for maybe half that, $30, as a closer guesstimate, and I still wouldn't be surprised if it were cheaper. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
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If you use, you will be able to have it shipped to Australia in 2-4 days for under $30 via TNT. The only other delay will be the shipping from the manufacturer to the Shipitto wharehouse.
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