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Based on a few vague memories, can you guys help me find a British TV series from the 80's? It involved roses, a maze and pairs of flying eyes that were spies for an evil sorcerer/king. It might be the TV show "Into the Labryrinth" but I can't tell for sure. Does this jog any memories for anyone?

There were two parts to the drama - one took place in the "real" world and mentioned an old woman who was very sick (possibly dying) who loved roses. They may or may not have been roses in a maze. Inside the maze, it's a fantasy world and I think it was in a permanent twilight. The hero was a young male (I think) and he was trying to defeat an evil king or sorcerer. The kings daughter was in the maze helping the hero. The flying eyes were pairs of floating glowing eyes that the daughter described as "my father's spies".

It might be the show "Into the Labyrinth" but I can't tell for sure, and there's a number of things that don't quite fit. The flying eyes were creepy and I've spoken to other people who remember them, but no-one seems to remember any more than that. It's very frustrating.

I would have only been about 7 or 8 I saw it, which would put it right at the beginning of the 80's. I'm in Australia but it was definitely a British show - possibly from the BBC. I think it was a series, but not a very long one. Can't tell you if it was in black or white or in colour because we only had an old black and white TV.

Can anyone suggest what the heck this was?
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My memories are very vague as well, but some keywords sound like "Moondial". 2 part BBC drama, garden maze, a dream world, roses, permanent twilight. Somewhen in the 80ies fits, too. Though I'm certain the main protagonist was a girl named Minty.
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Response by poster: That looks like it might fit! I'll go do some more searching - I could totally be conflating the two series as I probably watched both at some point.
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