Identify this mystery flag!
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Today we saw a mysterious flag. It had a white background with two light blue vertical stripes, one on each side (not all the way on the ends, but towards the ends). Between the two stripes was a yellow (and red?) sun or star symbol. What is this the flag of? We've scoured Wikimedia.

Context: We were driving down Lincoln Ave in Lincolnwood, Illinois, where they put up flags every summer. The flags are national and cultural flags, so not limited to countries. We could identify all the other flags.
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Guatemala? That's the only national flag with vertical strips that go light blue/white/light blue.
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Response by poster: No, the blue stripes are thin (so there is white on either side of them; I'd definitely describe it as a white flag), and it's definitely some kind of stylized sun - yellow circle with rays.

We're pretty confident it's not a national flag, at least not of an existing nation.
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Try flag identifier.
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Best answer: Possibly the Chaldean flag.
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Sounds a bit like the flag of Chicago? But my reading of your description has it the other way round, plus single star...
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Response by poster: Ahhhh gubo you're a boss!!! Thank you. That's definitely it.
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Not surprising you saw this in Lincolnwood. The NW side of Chicago and the suburbs in that general direction are thick with Assyrian-Americans (of whom the Chaldeans are one part). If you ever have the opportunity to attend a feast or parade I recommend taking it; they're warm, fun people.
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