Help me find a scholarship I got before for my gramps being a veteran?
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My grandfather is a WWII vet, 38th division of Ohio national guard. I previously received a scholarship for $500 for college from them, all descendants of vets are eligible as far as I remember. I am going back to school and would like to see if I can get the scholarship. How can I go about finding it? Thanks.
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The 38th Division Association may be able to help. You might also want to contact your high school to see whether they have any record of it.
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Response by poster: Hmm,and it may have been 37th division, not 38th?? Is there a way I can check?
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37th Division Veterans Association (37th DVA)
Scholarship Grants page

You will need to find a way to verify his unit because it is required information on the application. Is he alive? If not, is there someone else you can ask?

But even if you are not sure, you can email them talk to the director and ask if it is possible for them verify his unit before you apply. I assume they have records of some kind. So if you know his name and date of birth (if that is applicable) and kinda know what his unit was, they may be able to clear up any fuzziness you have on that last detail.
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Response by poster: that's the one! I got the scholarship before, so I assume I qualify. My grandfather recently passed away and it seems I passed the deadline for this coming school year's scholarship.
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You can request a copy of his military record via, if you aren't sure which ID it was.
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And check your memail.
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