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My mom has decided to make t-shirts for our upcoming family reunion. Of course, procrastination seems to be a family trait.

So, my mother has asked my help in finding a program or website to make a text collage that can be printed on the t-shirt. Bonus points if the words could be placed inside the outline of the state where our family hails from. Does anyone know of any (preferably free) sites where this graphic could easily be made? I'm imagining a site where you'd just type in the words and the image would be generated. I know about Wordle and "word cloud" sites, but in trying those out, it doesn't seem to work super well for this particular cause. It would be super amazing if the site allowed you to do this and then you could just order the shirts right there. Thanks Metafilter!
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Best answer: Almost every custom-tshirt business with a large internet presence has a version of this.





I haven't used all of them, but I have had good experience with CustomInk's tool in the past.

You may also be able to call the company and have a designer there create something for you for a small fee -- should be easy since you're looking for a relatively simple design.
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Most local t-shirt shops include this kind of artwork as part of the screen fee, which you'll pay regardless. Give them the list and the preferred state outline, and they'll take it from there.
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Looks like Wordcram can use your image for the shape of the cloud, like this example. It can export as a vector svg or pdf. Also Tagul lets you order the shirt.
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Best answer: CustomInk. Even if you can't create exactly what you want in their design tool, if you add a description, they have an entire staff of expert artists who can re-create it for you.
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No help for the t-shirt aspect, but I find Tagxedo to be better than wordle for being able to really customise your word cloud images. (They have a shop that sells t-shirts, but don't do custom orders, by the looks of it.)

(The word cloud t-shirts in their shop include ones for each state of the USA, so that should give you an idea what that would look like. The site is pretty easy to use but opens the potential for a lot of fiddling!)
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