Women's clothing chain stores in Goa , India?
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I will be traveling to Goa in the next couple days but only for about 10 days. Usually I have time to get clothes tailor made but probably not this time. so I need recommendations for stores where I can buy reasonably priced ready to wear casual clothes in Panaji, Vasco or environs. Because I don't visit often, and have relied on tailor made, I dont know where to go.

I am thinking of Fabindia or similar - casual western clothes with an Indian flair. I will definitely make a stop there - but are there others I can try? Friends of mine swear by Anokhi which I know is pricier but lovely - but I don't think there is one in Goa.

Help me replenish and update my wardrobe suringb this lightening (relatively) trip!
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What you want is Cottonworld! Looks like they have a location in Panajim. It's like the Indian Gap. Really reasonable prices, too.
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Best answer: I asked my Goan friend, and she said:
"There's fabindia, but that's too pricey for the quality.
I would recommend just going to the panaji marketplace and window shopping ... There are quite a few local stores that have decently priced clothing
Also, there's caculo mall in panjim that would have a good selection. And there's this chain called "Big G" too"
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Response by poster: For anyone coming across this in the future - Big G was a good find. CottonWorld is really like the Indian Gap- all western clothes, with no ethnic flavor - at least the one in Panaji.

I discovered Cotton Cottage - there's one in Margao - and loved it! Skirts and tops as well as more traditional kurtas in lovely traditional prints. Definitely one to visit again
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