Name the film: potato edition
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A few years ago, I saw a kitchen-sink style film on TV where the daughter didn't eat her evening meal, so her father insisted she was served it at every subsequent meal until she ate it. Googling brings up nothing - any ideas?

- it was in colour and the images in my head look fairly late 60s
- the family appeared working class but I can't remember if they were Northern (as with most such films) or not. Definitely an English family though.
- there were two sisters and an overbearing father (but weren't they all in that genre?) The older sister was given the meal to eat.
- I remember it being a baked potato, but could be wrong.
- I don't remember anything else about the plot, sorry!
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The plot sounds similar to the story "Bread and Jam for Frances," by Russell Hoban, but I don't know that it was ever adapted for TV.
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Not a father, but this was a scene in Mommy Dearest.
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Response by poster: It definitely wasn't Mommy Dearest - but you've reminded me that I keep meaning to see that film!
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Response by poster: Bread and Jam for Frances was a childrens' book - this didn't have the same tone at all. The repeat meal was given as a punishment and looked like a miserable experience.

I should probably have said that the daughters were in their late teens or early 20s!
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Best answer: It could possibly be Spring and Port Wine.
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Response by poster: Thank you! That is it - but it wasn't a spud:

"When the family sit down at table following the ritual handing over of their earnings, Hilda’s casual statement reiterating her preference for something other than a herring, and Daisy’s laid back proposal of a fried or poached egg in its stead, is quickly countermanded by Dad as we see him flex his muscles for the first time. His enquiry as to whether there is something wrong with the previously neutral fish is met with Hilda’s reply that she just doesn’t fancy it. Bad mistake Hilda. “How any child of mine can say she doesn’t fancy it, I don’t know…” he thunders. Hilda’s attempt to leave the room is stopped by Rafe’s withering command to be seated: “Only pigs leave their troughs as it suits.” He orders the edict that the herring is to be served up for breakfast, lunch and tea until the recalcitrant daughter finally bows to his will and eats it. She is reminded, in no uncertain terms, that no-one in the house has ever bested him, and that she is sorely misguided if she tries to be first."
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Yesss. I had seen the movie years and years ago, and although I didn't recall that scene, it made sense with what I remembered from the characters.
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