Looking for tea and allergy friendly food in Huntington and Little Rock
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I am traveling in the next few weeks to Huntington, WV and Little Rock, AR. I have not had great luck with either city in the past and would like advice on places to go for food or tea.

I am a vegetarian with gluten and soy allergies and I need to avoid tomatoes and vinegar. I eat dairy but avoid eggs. I have found Indian food in both cities - Nawab in Huntington and a place I can't recall the name of in Little Rock. I often just eat Indian food while traveling because it's easy to get it within my restrictions and also it's delicious, but I would like to find out if there are other places that are good for vegetarians with allergy issues, and I hate to pass up a chance at decent southwestern food if such a thing is to be had, especially in Little Rock.

I'd also like to find a decent place to get tea, if such a thing exists in either city. I like tea rooms but am happy with a coffee shop that has a reasonable selection and will let me sit around and work or read for a bit.

If there are good places to walk around, cool museums, feminist/radical bookstores, or places to get zines, I am also into those things.
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For Little Rock, there's bound to be a place with decent tea in Hillcrest or down at the River Market. Also Dempsey Bakery is a great gluten-free place. Vegetarian southwestern food, I don't think that exists in Arkansas.

The River Market, Clinton Library, Territorial Restoration (or whatever it's called now) and the Arkansas Arts Center are worth visiting.
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the art museum in Huntington is actually very lovely, with beautiful sculptures, a nice trail through the woods and a conservatory.

it's been awhile since I've been in Huntington, but I've heard good things about Black Sheep - many gluten free friends of mine eat there regularly. I also like River and Rails Bakery for coffee/tea - nice place to sit and work.

The Ritter Park area of Huntington is lovely - loads of old, gorgeous houses and you can follow a nice little trail up to the Rose Garden (which may it may not be in bloom when you are there). I also used to enjoy walking around downtown - so many art-deco details on the architecture!
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Boulevard Bread, if you can be in a place that bakes bread, is a great little cafe. I'm concerned that adding tomatoes and vinegar to the avoid list might still make ordering hard, but you can take a look at the menu. There's also a Whole Foods in Little Rock with a pretty good deli. They should have a few local products, like most WF do.

Southwestern food is not really a thing in Little Rock, unless I totally misunderstand your meaning. Tex-Mex, sure, to a degree, but it's more about the soul food and BBQ. Those are probably off the menu for you.

I always wind up thinking that the River Market is kind of disappointing, but it's worth strolling around if there's nothing else to do.
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Response by poster: I love tex-mex, and if there is veg-friendly tex-mex the other issues are handleable.
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Well, I haven't been to Local Lime yet, but it's on my list for the next time we pass through. I've heard some good things about The Fold, but Local Lime sounds more interesting to me.

The Root is another place on my list. We're not vegetarian, but we always wind up eating so heavily when we visit our families that I'm generally dying for veggies and legumes and so on when we drive from one family to the other. I guess that's why we still have never gone to Doe's Eat Place, the only LR restaurant that anyone outside LR has ever heard of.

The next time I'd be in LR is December, though, so I expect you'll be there before I will. :) Good luck--I hope you find something great!
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