Advice for American family going to the Algarve in August?
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Mr. TEA, preschooler TEA, and I are going from our home in the U.S. to the Algarve next month to visit family for a few weeks. This will be the first trip out of the U.S. for our preschooler, and the first trip back in a long while for us adults. What advice can you give us about how to help our preschooler prepare for the trip? About what to do as a family while we're there? About traveling with kids in the Algarve?
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There will be a ton ton ton of touristy things to do in the Algarve in the summer since it is a prime destination for British tourists. There is a water park, a zoo, a bazillion beautiful beaches, some malls, tons of great seafood restaurants, wonderful bakeries (i'm biased - i love bread).

Try to go to some of the pousadas - I particularly liked the one in Tavira. They are hotels built in historic sites, but you can also just have lunch there if that's more your budget/plans.

Monchique is beautiful and you can visit the spa there which is gorgeous and relaxing.

Porches and Loule have wonderful pottery workshops/stores. I am pretty sure there is a pottery store in Porches attached to a restaurant run by a British couple which has lovely goods and delicious sandwiches.

Do you like wine? Try the vinho verde - a kind of very young almost sparkling wine made from young grapes. 1 Euro at the Aldi!! Also somehow the butter there is so much better. Also, please eat many pastels de natas on my behalf.

I liked visiting the castle in Silves - perhaps your young child might also. I liked how you could just clamber over it, basically, as compared to the more restrictive roping-off that happens in Canadian historic institutions.

Cape St Vincent is a nice trip to see the Southwestern-most point of Europe. Bring a picnic lunch and eat on the cliffs. Also I bought a sweater and a blanket from the guys selling stuff outside and have been happy with both.

It's gonna probably be hot. But it's also going to be so beautiful. Enjoy!!
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Doesn't the Algarve region in Portugal have a lot of nice beaches? You could do that.

I think any advice in regards to your preschool would probably similar no matter where you're going.
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This blog might give you some ideas - it's written by a couple who moved to the Algarve from London. They also have a companion blog in which they review local restaurants and wines.

Since you'll be there a few weeks, please don't miss the opportunity to drive over to Sevilla in Spain - it is truly lovely!
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Go to FIESA, an international sand sculpture festival in Pêra. It's worth a visit and they have got sand sculpting workshops for kids, too.
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It's not mentioned in the other posts so far, or yours, but get a car!! So much of the Algarve is inaccessible or nearly so if you do not have a car. Especially the really nice beaches.

Also, sunblock. Lots and lots of sunblock.
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