Divorce Lawyer in the Twin Cities
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Looking for family law/divorce lawyer recommendations in the Twin Cities to help a couple with young children and assets go through a non-contentious divorce. Email AnonMetafilter14@gmail.com if you prefer.

Considered doing the DIY divorce thing, but we want to make sure we and the children are protected. St. Paul and north surburbs preferred, but open to suggestions.
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Oh, I know this one! This lawyer fought through hell and high water to get custody of my girlfriend's son, got a restaining order for her (LONG story), and essentially voided my girlfriend of any responsibility from her ex. Very, very long stories that I'm not comfortable posting on here, but if you want - free feel to MeMail me and I'll go into more details about how good this lawyer is.

Seriously, worth every penny - I can't speak highly enough for her. She is this quiet little mid 30s Korean lady that you would assume would be meek, but man, hear her speak and she'll put your ass down in that chair shaking. Oh and if you're on her good side, invite her out to coffee - she's actually quite funny for how much of a bulldog lawyer she is.

Stacy Morgan

Edit: I just realized you were civil, well she did our domestic partnership pre-nup quite civilly and I feel that she is an excellent fair lawyer. She isn't a bitch unless she needs to be but I would absolutely give her a call. She will straight up tell you if it's going to be an ethic violation for her to represent you, she did for us on one legal issue but then gave us a recommendation who we were very happy with.
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Ann Morrice Allenson is a terrific family lawyer. She's in Minneapolis.
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