Copenhagen dining for the not-quite-so-hip
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Seeking restaurant recommendations for a family trip to Copenhagen. I am traveling with my mom and aunt (in their 60s) and brother (in his 30s) and we are not exactly looking for the hippest, fanciest places around. Details inside.

We will be spending a few days in Copenhagen at the end of August/beginning of September and would like recommendations either for individual restaurants or for neighborhoods and areas to try. My family is wonderful and I am excited about the trip, however, our travel styles are a bit different. My mom and aunt are the type who only wear athletic shoes to walk around the city and expect to eat dinner at 6 pm. My brother can sometimes be prevailed upon not to wear shorts if we are going out to dinner but not always. Needless to say, we will not be dining at Noma.

The ideal place would be not too expensive, casual and not pretentious, and something that is unique to Copenhagen or Denmark. We would like some suggestions to get out of the pizza & kabobs rut.

We are fine with dealing with a bit of a language barrier or puzzling over a Danish menu, and adventurous when it comes to trying global cuisines as well as meat-and-potatoes Scandinavian cooking. Fresh fruit and veg is also a plus. Two of us don't drink so we are not interested in places that are completely focused on alcohol.

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Hej, Andersen Bakery next to the central station and right outside of Tivoli is literally is the best bakery I've been to in entire world. I enjoyed a pastry breakfast there as well as Japanese-inspired hotdog lunch. I also really enjoyed the food at the Louisiana café, prices be damned. Velbekomme!
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I loved eating smorrebrod, open-faced sandwiches that are very, very Danish. Lots of places have them, ranging from somewhat fancy to casual takeout.
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Try Cafe Dyrehaven!! We went there because it was one of the cheaper sit-down options and were charmed by the retro mid decor. The food was great as was the pastry dessert.
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Torvelhallerne market.
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We really liked Cafe Under Elmene a lot. (
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