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After seeing Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds the other night and having my mind blown, I have been in the mood for nothing but Cave and Cave-y tunes. The Nick Cave station I made on Pandora has been remarkably awesome, but it’s left me wanting MORE. Americana-meets-rock, darkly atmospheric, fire and brimstone with a sexy swagger... you get the idea.

Artists that Pandora played who I’m already quite familiar with: Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, William Elliot Whitmore, Rolling Stones, Pixies, Bauhaus, Scott Walker, Neil Young/Crazyhorse.

Artists that Pandora played who I'm not as familiar with, and so would love specific suggestions for the best place to start: Crooked Fingers, Andrew Bird, Greg Brown, Morphine, Guy Davis, Mark Lanegan, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, the Dirty Three (Warren Ellis)

FWIW, the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds albums that I’m most familiar with are Push Back the Sky (I am basically obsessed with "Jubilee Street"), Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus, Murder Ballads, The Boatman’s Call, and Tender Prey. Also am getting into his soundtrack work with Warren Ellis. Need to pick up the Grinderman albums. I haven’t listened to much Birthday Party and should probably rectify that as well (though my sense is that much of their work is more on the noise side than I’m going for here).

And, of course, please suggest any additional artists who fit in with this general vibe as well -- specific songs/albums particularly appreciated.
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grrr...60-POUND chain! Shouldn't type and actually listen to the song at the same time.
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Might be already familiar, but PJ Harvey is absolutely excellent. Very dark, sexual, rockin'. The album Stories from the City Stories from the Sea is her most accessible, but I'm partial to Rid of Me (song and album.) Also, this duet by Cave and Harvey (that I believe preceded their romantic relationship) is great.

Concerning the bands you want to check out, Cure for Pain (song and album) is Morphine's best, IMO, but the first three albums are all pretty good.

Caught Nick Cave at Ace Hotel this weekend myself, was absolutely killer!
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Check out Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir and see what you think.

I also think that Bill Callahan's past few albums have this, although they rock less than Cave.
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I don't have time to link to examples, but 16 Horsepower are along those lines as are The Devastations. You might also check out Tindersticks, particularly the first two self titled albums.

Morphine is wonderful (seconding a Cure for Pain as the starting point). Mark Lanegan - you might look for his albums with Isobell Campbell.
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On the dreamier side, try LA Witch and maybe Brightblack Morning Light.
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seconding PJ Harvey and seconding Cure for Pain as the best Morphine album. Not a ton of swagger, but if you liked Mark Lanegan and Dirty Three, you might like Songs: Ohia (Didn't It Rain and Axxess and Ace) and Magnolia Electric Company.
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The Handsome Family (try In the Air first?), Cowboy Junkies (whose very name is a reference to Cave--start with The Trinity Session).
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ooh, also maybe American Music Club (or Mark Eitzel's solo stuff) and Smog (Bill Callahan's pre-solo band).

More ideas:
Black Heart Procession
Michael Gira/Swans
Fistful of Desert Blues by Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove
Iggy Pop's Lust for Life (though that's a little more on the rockin' side and not as atmospheric. But he definitely brings the swagger.)
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Check out now defunct Norwegian band Madrugada - in particular "Majesty"
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Gun Club
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Some of Howe Gelb's copious output would fit right in. I mostly listened to his stuff as it came out while I was in college, so these are my favorites:

The Listener
'Sno Angel Like You
Band of Blacky Ranchette - Still Lookin' Good To Me
Arizona Amp & Alternator - S/T

But there's a lot of Giant Sand out there that will blow out your speakers too.


Cure For Pain
Crooked Fingers - Red Devil Dawn is a strong album, but my easy favorites are their covers EPs.
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When I think of Nick Cave, I often think of Crime and the City Solution, but that's probably Wings of Desire talkin'.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion sometimes gets a little Cave-y.
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That first Crooked Fingers cover EP, Reservoir Songs, is outstanding but I don't know what it has in common with Nick Cave. Highly recommended anyway.
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You want Chris Whitley.
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Ctrl-F Willard Grant Conspiracy.
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There is a pretty limited catalog for Morphine (Sandman passed away) so go ahead and listen to it all.
You might like Low, especially earlier stuff.
Also check out Raspertina and the Tiger Lilies also perhaps The Heavy
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The Apartments
From that article: "French music critic and biographer of Serge Gainsbourg, Bayon, writing in Libération drew favourable comparisons to a diverse range of musicians, both contemporary (Cocteau Twins, Felt, Nick Cave) and preceding (Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Alex Chilton.)"
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Seconding Kafkaesque: Gun Club.

Edit: oh, and some more early Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds albums: From Her to Eternity, The Firstborn is Dead. From the former, turn up Avalanche in a quiet, dark room, for full swagger and thunder effect!
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Neko Case! Particularly: Furnance Room Lullaby, Blacklisted, and Fox Confessor Brings the Flood.

See also her and Nick Cave dueting on a cover of the Zombies' She's Not There.
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You might like some Speedball Baby
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Ben Caplan!
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Oh my god, so much good stuff here. Hive mind, you never let me down!
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Little Village was a short-lived project of these fellows. Only one self-titled album, but what a gem.
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Perhaps Sally Timms (that particular track, though, was written by Robbie Fulks, who is also worth checking out..)

You've already mentioned Mark Lanegan and there was a recommendation above for his work with Isobel Campbell.. I would recommend their album "Hawk."

Also, I'm just assuming you're familiar with the work of Townes Van Zandt, but if not, wow have you got some amazing discoveries ahead of you..
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scody: I was at that show at the Shrine. Holy fuck that was good. Let me suggest checking out some live NC on Beats or Spotify. There is a power you get to NC live that don't get in the studio. I mean, eg, you saw what he does with 'Stagger Lee' live.

Also check out Grinderman. Start with 'No Pussy Blues.'
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Seconding PJ Harvey. Also Patti Smith.
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Check out Savages, as well. Also Suicide, perhaps.
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Last one. I promise. Maybe also Hüsker Dü or Mission of Burma.
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Wovenhand, perhaps?
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Try the Swedish band The Janitors. Seriously. Try them.
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July Talk
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Tom Morello


The album Scar by Joe Henry

The Kills
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One additional note about PJ Harvey (whom I recommend highly) in case you're not aware of it -- The Boatman's Call was inspired by Cage's relationship with Harvey, and she's the "West Country Girl" of the song.

Another Bad Seeds album I'd recommend if you haven't gotten to it yet is No More Shall We Part. It takes some getting used to, but I recently discovered that listening to it a couple of times in a row is sufficient to afflict me with a deep sense of existential dread for the next day or so.
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Surely that is 'Cave's' and not Cage (John or otherwise, although a Harvey and John Cage pairing somehow intrigues me)
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D'oh! Missed the edit window. Yes, Cave and not Cage. (John Cage could work, but I'd rather not think about a PJ Harvey/Nic Cage pairing.)
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Eric McFadden Trio
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Nick Cave playing Berlin bar scene, from the 1987 movie Wings of Desire.
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