Replacement for Facebook Events
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Whenever I log into Facebook, I end up checking the newsfeed. Is there an app that allows my to view the events I've been invited to and RSVP without logging into Facebook? If it isn't a web app, it needs to work on either Mac or Android.
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I export mine to Google Calendar, but you can use other calendaring applications, too.
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Oh gosh, it looks like those instructions are out of date. You can get an exportable URL by going to an event page, clicking the ellipsis at the far right, then clicking "export event". There's a link for all calendar events there, which looks something like "webcal://" where "..." is a user ID and key. You can plug that into your external calendar. I can RSVP from Google Calendar, at least.
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I use Google Calendar, but I add the events manually.
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Best answer: Sunrise Calendar does exactly this.
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If you've added your Facebook account to your iPhone, any event you've been invited to (potentially also events Facebook suggests too) will show up in your iPhone calendar.
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i have a droid (galaxy nexus) and i use Haxsync. it adds my facebook events to my google calendar - no exporting required.
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Response by poster: I got the option to RSVP from Sunrise Calendar, but sadly Google Calendar doesn't seem to provide me this option. How do you RSVP on Google Calendar?
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