Amazon Prime Gourmet finds?
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Help me find some really great gourmet foods that are available through Amazon Prime.
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Maple Sugar Candy
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Oil-Cured Olives
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Dried Cherries
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Smoked Oysters
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This Kalamata olive spread is basically my favorite thing. I've also had good luck with dolmas and blue cheese olives from the same company.

I use Amazon for a lot, but I'm not totally sure what you're getting at with this question. Do you want things that are a great value? Or things that are difficult to find in your average supermarket? What sort of foods do you like? I mean, I'm (obviously) a salt junkie, but are you a low-carbing vegan with high blood pressure? A little direction here would get you better (and more) responses.

But buy that olive spread. Seriously.
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The Kalamata olive spread that MeghanC mentions is great on rye crackers, and it turns out that Amazon stocks my favorite brand.
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Duck fat. Fry/roast everything in it. Trust me.
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Bet you can find truffle salt there.
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You can get crazy deals on bulk packages of vanilla beans, if you go through a lot of them (or go in with friends on a pack). I've bought them several times, from a few different sellers, and they've always been great quality.
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The Divina dolmas that MeghanC linked are *amazing*
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Not sure if this qualifies as a gourmet food, but Miracle Fruit Tablets are available, and they work. Limes taste wonderful with miracle fruit.
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Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Some of the best tasting virgin coconut oil I've found online. Strong coconut flavor = great for protein shakes and deserts.
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