What are the weirdest foods on Amazon Prime?
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What are the weirdest, strangest, wrongest edible items that I can order RIGHT NOW and have in two days via Amazon Prime? Gummi chicken feet is a good place to start.
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Flat bananas! I just got some of those and they're weird and good.
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...more of an ingredient than a food, but you can get devil's dung on prime.
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...and then you go down the rabbit hole of "customers also bought" and get to Larvets- BBQ, which are classified as jerky, and apple-flavored ants...
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You said "wrong" and you said "gummi," so here's one that meets those criteria. (Reviews potentially NSFW, or appetite.)
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Pork brains with milk gravy.

Thanksgiving gumballs.

ObDisclaimer: All foods are weird, strange, and wrong to SOMEONE. (Ask my students how they feel about candy corn.)
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the wet jellyfish is in!

and they still carry 2012 Lao Banzhang Pure Old Tree Raw Pu-erh 500g Cake Chen Sheng Hao Top Chinese Puer Pu'er Tea for only $1,499.89!

also, stroopwafels
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Fully cooked canned bacon
Smoked rattlesnake - they have a whole line of wild game
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Weird and gummi? This 3 lb worm should fit the bill.
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Canned lamb haggis.

Potted Meat Food Product. (Ingredients include "mechanically separated chicken" and "partially defatted pork fatty tissue".)

Cheddar cheese larvets. Also, Salt 'N' Vinegar Crick-ettes. See related items for other flavors.

Why not Ant Candy? Why not, indeed.

Some people seem distressed by corn smut.

On Amazon, but not on Prime: silkworm pupae, century eggs, actual chicken feet, blood sausage. (Century eggs are actually pretty tasty, though some have a faintly distressing odor of ammonia.)

If you're not in the US, you might be in danger of being able to order some surströmming , in which case this could be you. (Warning: Video contains barfing. Lots and lots of barfing.)
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