Birthday Gift Suggestions for a Football Fan
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Gift Advice: I need birthday gift suggestions for my (American) football fan girlfriend

My girlfriend is a crazy football fan - specifically Dolphins, Miami Hurricanes, and Florida Gators. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a birthday gift for a crazed football fan that lives outside of the area of where their favorite teams play. If not along those lines, any gift suggestions for a Floridian who is about to face their very first winter. Thanks!
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There's always an official team jersey.

Each NFL team has their own proshop... go over to and navigate to her team logo.

I suppose if you had insane amounts of money to burn on this, you could get her the NFL season pass on Directv. Then she could watch her favorite teams games every week from home.

Or a surprise vacation to see a home game? Or perhaps the Dolphins are playing an away game near where you live?
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I second the team jersey... I'd be pretty happy if I got one for my birthday, but selfnoise also has some great ideas...
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third on the jersey. Just watch out which player you get. I finally got a New York Giants jersey a couple of years ago, and it had Jesse Armstead's name and number. A few weeks later he was gone from the team.

Pick someone you think has some chance of longevity, or a classic "Marino" jersey. I wish I had gotten LT for mine, or Jumbo Elliot.
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Since it's her first winter, maybe she'd like a comfy blanket to wrap up in while watching the game?
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A less expensive alternative is to buy her a subscription to listen to the games online. You can check out the Dolphins' NFL stream here.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice all - please keep it coming. I like the idea of getting tickets to a game - either a vacation package, or one in D.C. where she lives (even if the Dolphins won't be playing there). Any suggestions on where to get football tickets online? Is one ticket broker any better than another?
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Note that you can also get jerseys with custom backs. So you could get her name on the back, or whatever.

One of these days I'm going to get a Pats jersey with "Tebucky" on the back. Don't ask, inside joke.
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As a female football fan, I can say a jersey would be an awesome gift - just make sure to get her the women's jersey, or it will be huge on her. The NFL Shop is a good place to start, but also check JC Penney and Amazon as they both sell NFL gear. A lot of places are also selling women's style NFL t-shirts too.

For tickets, you can get those from the Miami Dolphins website. The Dolphins also have their own online shop.

For another idea, how about a nice panoramic print to hang at home?
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Does she actually live in DC itself or in Virginia? In keeping with our obsession with custom plates you can even get them for non-VA teams, including U of F. I don't know how you'd accomplish getting it for her, though...

How about a certificate to Shula's Steakhouse in the district? A nice tie-in to our glory days...
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There's some links in this thread on getting various shoes in custom order colors. You could get Gator or Dolphin colors...
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