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Birthday gift for dad to turn his focus to other non-work parts of his life?

My dad is turning 61 and lives on the southside of Indianapolis. He's been down in the dumps lately job-related, and is definitely looking beyond his career to other parts of his life. I'd like to do something for his birthday to take the focus off his work.

I'm in Chicago though, and haven't lived in Indiana over 8 years, so could use some suggestions.

He's an avid tennis player, is always playing in leagues. He likes to ride and tinker with bicycles, we've done some week-long tours together. He brews beer, does some cooking, enjoys photography, somewhat of a hobbyist of sorts. I think he'd be into playing music, but never really had an opportunity (although I don't know how realistically he'd keep up with that, say if I got him guitar lessons or something....and he's a lefty).

Is there anywhere in the central Indiana area, that I could get him some interesting or cool lessons, or a great experience for his birthday? Or it could be something that he and my mom could do together for fun. Doesn't have to be related to the hobbies listed above.

It should be something that I can set up remotely as well.

Many thanks.
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So he likes cycling...and you're in central indiana...south of indianapolis.

What to do, what to do?

Make him a book of trails to ride in and around Indy going all the way to Bloomington.

Bonus: Make it like a checklist, so he can get a sense of accomplishment from each ride after he ticks them off.
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Does he like gadgets at all? You could send him an iPad and load Garageband on it for him, possibly sending along some printed out blog entries or how-tos about creating music on his swank new toy?
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You're too late for Brewhaha but I found this in Nuvo.
Nuvo says is $35 for an advance ticket and has 200 beers to sample during 4 hrs. (drink fast).

If he doesn't mind the drive, Eagle Creek park has sailing lessons or a park pass would be fun. The Indy Art Center has photography classes but I couldn't get the fall schedule to load. Conner Prairie has a big hot air balloon with a ring thing where you stand that can fit lots of people. They have it going during the Symphony on the Prairie events so you might consider going all out and buying tickets for both.

For other ideas, I'd check on their weekly calendar to see if anything pops up that your dad might be into.
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