How do I get a keyhole slot cut in my mounted poster?
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How do I cut a keyhole slot in this mounted poster in order to hang it flush with my wall?

I had a poster mounted on an MDF board with a floating mount. Kinda looks like this.

I have another poster mounted the same way and it attaches to the wall via a screw in a keyhole slot (picture). But my new poster didn't come with that damn slot!

What's the best / easiest way to add a keyhole slot to the new poster?

Here are my thoughts and limitations:
- I don't own a router but I have a Dremel tool. I'd be willing to buy the necessary Dremel bits but not a whole routing jig set up. I'm not very skilled with the Dremel so I'm also worried that I'll mess it up.
- Could I buy a small length of wood with a slot and just butt it up to the inside of the poster frame? As long as it's the same height as the existing frame, I think this would be an easy solution. But I don't know anyone with the tools and it seems like a laughably small job for a custom shop. Does anyone sell this sort of thing?
- I have other ideas of how I could hang this thing but I'm really just asking how to get a slot cut.
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Best answer: I doubt Dremel even offers the appropriate bit to do this; driving this style bit requires more power than Dremel tools have.

I have multiple routers, but if I didn't already own the bit I wouldn't buy it just for one poster. I'd use one of those alternate hanging ideas instead.
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Best answer: I've seen flat metal plates with the keyhole slot cut into them. If you can find one at a hardware store, you could cut a groove in the frame, then secure the plate over the top using short flathead screws. Given that you don't have a router handy, this might be a more forgiving way to create the keyhole.
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Cut the slot with a chisel? Use a drill to make the holes (mark the bit so they go the right depth) and the chisel out the space in between.
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It's not a simple slot that can be chiseled. It's T-shaped, so the head of a screw or nail can be inserted at one end and then slid towards the middle.
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Response by poster: I think frogs' idea would work but perhaps it's not worth the hassle. My top alternative idea is to screw a wood cleat to the wall and rest the frame on that.
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