Light to the outdoors
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I have a deck, and it needs a light fixture next to the door. There's no electricity on the deck, and I can't cut through the wall (mounting a fixture to the siding is fine). Do they make battery-powered, wireless, remote-controlled exterior light fixtures?

I would prefer it act as though it was hard-wired, and have a remote switch that I could mount inside the house. Does this even exist? Most of what I'm finding is little lanterns for camping, solar landscape lights, or industrial-looking security flood lights which would be overkill.

Battery-powered would be best (rechargeable AAs would be ideal). Solar is probably out -- the place I want to mount it gets maybe 30 minutes of morning sun per day, and I can't put a collector on the roof.

Motion-detecting isn't necessary, and it doesn't need to be spectacularly bright, but bright enough to read by would be nice.
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Mr Beams battery-powered remote-controlled outdoor security light.

I have a couple of these (but without the remote control option) and they're excellent.
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