Nashville/Murfreesboro psychiatrists for adults with ADD
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Looking for a psychiatrist (or NP or whoever) who specializes, or frankly is willing to, evaluate adults for ADD and treat. I'm at my wits end, sucking at my job and life, and am willing to drive almost anywhere in Middle TN.

Throwaway email:

Bonus points for a provider who doesn't dismiss all problems as the result of another psych diagnosis. I'm really struggling. I'm in health care, and in darker moments feel like I'm teetering on the edge periodically of unsafe patient care with my level of disorganization/inattentiveness. Many years ago it was (strongly) recommended by psych at the school I went to to get further evaluation for ADD, but for a variety of reasons mostly involving family, that wasn't possible. That's another issue - I can't request school records (from elementary/middle school, I dropped out after that), and interviewing family is out of the question with this.

Problems: I have a diagnosis, Bipolar (I), and every shrink I've ever had has dismissed my problems as a result of this, no matter how well-medicated or well-functioning my moods. I'm desperate to find someone who isn't going to tell me that having trouble concentrating or organizing or paying attention is just part of being bipolar and I should exercise more and grow up and pay attention. And yes, I'm on a stable combination of medication.

Someone who accepts Blue Cross would be great, but I'll pay anything to get some help at this point. I live in Nashville, but will drive just about anywhere in middle TN. FWIW, I'm a woman, early 30s. Help.
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CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) has a resource finder on their website that might be of some use. If these folks can't work with you, they may have some ideas about where to refer you.
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One more thought: Vanderbilt is known for research on ADHD in kids and may have some resources on adult treatment as well. This community mental health center is one place to try.
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