Finding a "Webcomic"
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Looking for a "webcomic" I saw somewhere on MetaFilter, no luck turning it back up. Details within.

I can't believe I'm using a question on this. But the not-knowing is rankling me.

A while back I saw on MeFi (probably the green) a post about a kind of webcomic. Details I can remember: It was one interconnected scroll, not a series of panels. It had a painted quality to it. It featured early H. sapiens ancestors, sex, and was somehow about the origin of language.

I know I'm going to feel silly once I read the name, like, "Of course that's it." But my searches have been futile.

Thanks in advance for resolving the mystery.
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I've still not yet read through the entire story so I can't promise ancestors, language, and sex, but your description of a painted-looking, scrolling webcomic makes me wonder if you might be remembering Wormworld Saga?
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Shot in the dark, but Tuki?
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Best answer: The First Word seems to fit your criteria. Found it here ;)

Direct link to the comic.
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Response by poster: In under an hour. AskMe, you're the best.
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