A cheap source for five differently sized 60s-style black men's suits?
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I need five black suits for a video/photo shoot and subsequent band performances. The suits need to have a kind of sixties cut (think Reservoir Dogs, or something Steve McQueen might wear) with a narrow pant leg. What's my best bet for finding them? Quality is irrelevant as long as they look OK, budget is 'as little as possible'.

The video/photo shoot has the feeling of the morning after a particularly bad gangland wedding, with five guys in black suits driving around in an old stretch limo trying to get rid of something in the trunk.The band members are all shapes and sizes and the suits will probably only be used for this purpose. Our closest city is Toronto but wrangling all the band members to get down there is going to be impossible. Is there a good online solution?
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I'd totally be all over Ebay for this; you can pick up suits for $50 or less. You're in luck because thin lapels are totally in tight now, so the suits you want are being made. Note that Reservoir Dogs costuming was actually pretty loose fitting in the jacket, and that the pants may not be as narrow as you think. Either way, it's the skinny tie that makes it retro.
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Is it shot completely in the limo? If so, do you need pants?

(Meaning, does the tailoring of the pants show in the shot. If you're sitting in a car, then the tapered leg is less important than the lapel.)
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No, it's not all in the limo. We definitely need visible pants!
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