Bug (termite!?) identification and advice please
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I spotted this insect while weeding today. Is it a termite, and if so, what do I do and do you have any idea what is it likely to cost?

We recently mulched our yard to kill the grass, to reduce water use. I was digging up a few weeds near the house when I spotted the bug in the link above. It was about 1-1/4" long. Twenty minutes later, elsewhere in the yard, I spotted another. They quickly disappeared under the cardboard weed barrier.

I googled termites. It kinda looks like those pictures?

We bought the house 4 years ago and had a termite inspection done then. We remodeled it and didn't see termite damage on any of the wood studs or joists. Hopefully if these are termites, they've just arrived and haven't gotten settled yet?

Advice welcome! Do I need to freak out and call a termite inspector this weekend? How much does that cost? Should I start pulling out the mulch (and if so, what the heck do I do with my non-grassy yard)? Sorry for the panicked tone here, but I'm a little worried. Thanks for any advice or termite experience you have to share.
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That's a jerusalem cricket.
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Yes, Jerusalem Cricket (not really a cricket). Termites are much smaller. They are no threat to your property. They can bite, but they're not venomous.
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I love you guys. You saved my weekend from worry. Thank you!
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Also, yeah, it looks exactly like a Jerusalem Cricket.
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That's the official bug of AskMe! (Seriously, whenever someone asks what a bug is it's usually him!)
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