Is there a name for this musical theme?
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Is there a musical term for a very quick burst of strings in a song? Popular/dance music mainly, sounds very 80s. A couple of examples inside.

Such as at 2:50 here, or at 1:16 here.
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Best answer: I'd call it a stab.
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Best answer: On synthesizers, the sound is called Orch Hit
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Best answer: The second one might be ORCH5, given that Propaganda were a ZTT band, so there were Fairlights a go-go.
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Response by poster: Wow... I've been wondering about this for a while now. Didn't even think there was a word for it. Answered in 10 minutes!
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Orchestra "Hits" is what I have always heard that called, I'll concur.
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Stab or hit are both fine.
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As heard in Owner of a Lonely Heart, Rage Hard, Tony Hawk Pro Skater and countless Art of Noise songs? Orchestra Hit.
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