Dehumidifier with short: fix or dispose of? If so, how?
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I have a Frigidaire dehumidifier with a short (when I plug it in, it trips the fuse on any house circuit I try). Should I try to fix it, or is it likely to be unobvious? I'm not particularly handy, but I don't mind taking something apart. Is it safer/better to simply dispose of it? If so, is it recyclable?
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Is it one of these?
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It might be a simple problem, but if you're not familiar with basic electrical repairs, don't try to fix it yourself. Do you have any handy friends who could check it out?
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Thanks for the recall link. I'd searched and seen some recalls, but not for Frigidaire. Comparing now. No handy friends really. I'm not really familiar with electrical repairs unfortunately.

It's an LAD704TDL. Worth calling the company and asking? I imagine they're pretty sensitized to the issue!
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Call them. Worst case, it can't be fixed. Best case, they fix it or send you parts for free. In between, they may be able to sell you the part you need.
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I called the 800 number which redirected me to a regular office hours number, which redirected me to an email address. I emailed the company with the key information, and received a hard-copy letter offering a full refund despite the fact that the box was four years old. I just needed the receipt. To my astonishment, I actually had the receipt and I have, just today, received the refund. Feel slightly guilty, but I have bought another Frigidaire to replace it.
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