Nice but not crazy-pricey NYC restaurants for 12 - 15 people?
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I'm helping my friend's Maid of Honor plan the bachelorette party. Due to a miscommunication, I thought we would be a party of 6 for dinner. Nope. It's between 12 - 15 people. I need to rethink.

As fun-loving but not debaucherous 30-somethings, we're looking to dress up for a nice dinner, with interesting and slightly fancy food. The party is July 25th, so I have a few weeks to figure it out. This being New York, however, I'll need to do it as early as possible.

I have called:

Ma Peche (Waiting to hear back, it's taking forever.)

En Brasserie (Must rent a private room for a $100 fee, plus a prix fixe that will come out to about $100 a person, with a cocktail or two. That's in the realm of $1300 dollars, not including tip. Omg, no freaking way.)

Glasserie (Main dining room can't accept parties that large on a Friday, but you can get a private dining room for $85 a person, not including any cocktails or tip. Again, a bit pricey for different budget levels.)

The Breslin ("We don't accept parties that large.")

Marlow & Sons (Don't take reservations on Friday nights.)

PUBLIC (I qualified as "an event," so have emailed the Events Coordinator. Waiting to hear back.)

Dear Bushwick, Shalom Japan (Way too small.)

Initially, I was hoping to keep it to Williamsburg, Greenpoint, or Bushwick, as the rest of the festivities will center around North Brooklyn, but now that the dinner headcount has gone way up, all bets are off. So, let 'er rip!

I'm obviously still looking (and not panicking at all), but could really use some suggestions!

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I will always recommend Fig & Olive in both Midtown and the Meatpacking District.
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I recommend Rye in Williamsburg. Not sure about large parties, but give them a ring I guess.
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L'artusi has a somewhat private room that seats 16. Pio Pio and Beauty and Essex can also accommodate large groups. Opentable has a private party list that might be useful as well.
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Frankies 457 in Carroll Gardens is delicious and can take larger parties in their back garden.
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Gallow Green-- They do seating for large groups in the train car. The food is great and the atmosphere is amazing.
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I've seen large groups at Bamonte's.
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If you can get into Gallow Green though - yeah do that.
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I had somehow forgotten about Gallow Green (The Heath)! Either that or I had subconsciously written them off as Too Cool To Get A Reservation. Just called and I got one! It's perfect. Thank you!
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