Solo dining in Copenhagen
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Any recommendations for a solo foodie traveler to Copenhagen? Great food in restaurants where I can eat at the bar or sidle up somewhere or otherwise not feel too awkward eating by myself on a Friday or Saturday? (I know this is a largely irrational hang-up. I'm working on it.) Thanks.
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Manfreds has bar seating and great Nordic-inspiried food and wine in an informal setting(little sister of restaurant Relæ, which is Michelin-starred).

Don't know if this is what you're looking for, but Amass has a special communal table (Table 153) where you are seated with other guests (4-8). The food is a little pricier, but the tasting (and wine) menu is so worth it and the people I know who have sat at the communal table have had a great time talking to interesting people.

I know Kul also has bar seating and it has been very well reviewed, but I haven't been there yet myself so can't give a personal recommendation.
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Wow, I was coming in to recommend Manfreds and Amass, as I went to both a couple weeks ago while visiting Copenhagen, and they were fantastic. I also saw solo diners at Manfreds for sure. Enjoy!
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Relæ has bar seating as well. Also, I imagine i wouldnt mind single dining at pop. Several of the cofoco restaurants are suitable for singles too.
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Restaurant Cofoco used to have several long, communal tables where a single diner would be completely at home. The food is also wonderful.
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