How do I search Amazon's database for keywords in editorial reviews
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I want to aggregate certain reviewers and their reading tastes that are posted on I only care about the professional "Editorial Reviews" and not the customer comments. So for example, if I want to read all the reviews attributed to say "Library Journal" or search out blurbs written by a certain author that blurbed a book, I can readily find it.

To cite one example, if I wanted to find all the books that have been positively reviewed and assessed by say Thomas Schelling, I could go on amazon or some extended application or database and uncover all the times Schelling's name has been listed. If I wanted to see what book Tyler Cowan has positively commented upon or Charlie Munger has recently extolled, I could use this same database.
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Use the Google Site Search function, for example, "Library Journal"
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KRS's suggestion is probably the best you'll find, although you should know that it won't be totally complete. Most reviews that appear on Amazon's pages are uploaded by the publisher onto their data feed, but if the review or blurb comes in late, the publicist forgets to add it, or the feed doesn't refresh right, the information won't appear on the Amazon listing. I think the only way to get every review from Library Journal is to actually subscribe to LJ, and there is no general database that compiles author blurbs.
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