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Is there anywhere I'm welcome to go fossil hunting along the Connecticut River in MA? Greenfield's closest, but down toward Springfield isn't out of the question.
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There is a rock exposure right along the CT River in Gill MA. The location is in the extreme SW part of Gill directly under a bridge over the River. The Bridge takes you from Main Rd. in Gill onto Avenue A in Turners Falls. But again, the exposure is on the Gill side. This is right where Main Rd and route 2 intersect. Also, the bridge was under construction I believe (this was last fall). I parked at a gas station overlooking the construction site. The gas station is across from Green River Honda. The embankment that takes you from the road down to the river was fairly steep but totally doable. My approach was directly next to the bridge. The site has extensive mudstones, siltstones, and sandstones as well as pillow basalts. You can find sedimentary features likes mid cracks and ripple marks as well as plant fossils and a few dinosaur footprints.
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