Who should I like?
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I like the following topics, whose (personal) social media accounts/videos/blogs should I follow to get up close and personal about: Mountainbiking, Adventure Racing, Pens & stationary, travelling and experiencing absurd things, European politics, international news (the backdrop/behind-the scenes stuff), xkcd-sciency-humor & working as a doctor. Please add anybody whose insight, pictures and outlook onto the world resonates with you.. (even if they don't match the topics exactly.

Sometimes I stumble upon the funnest GoPro videos or travel blogs, I'd like to professionalize this stumbling upon: please let me know about the funnest blogs/Twitter/Instagram accounts by people who you find enganging who are into these kind of things:

Sports/ Adventure Racing/Orienteering/ Mountainbiking /Climbing
Pens and Stationary
Europe/Politics/international news
Traveling/ Japan/ strange, absurd adventures and things
XKCD-sciency-humor/What if/lowering the bar/NASA
Working as a doctor/hospitals
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Based on your interest in science-y humor, I think you would like the Things I Won't Work With series of posts by organic chemist Derek Lowe. He goes into detail about chemicals that will kill you, explode if you even think about them, or stink up an entire city.
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I like xkcd, and I also like Hyperbole and a Half. So maybe you'll like the latter, as well.

Also, if you like science-related humor, you should definitely pick up a used copy (it's out of print) of The Man with No Endorphins: And Other Reflections on Science, by James Gorman. It's a fantastically funny book.
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The Pen Addict blog. This guy really likes his pens! I tend to not pay attention to the fountain pen reviews, but if you're into those, you've got a lot to look at here. Also, the blog author and his equally addicted buddy record pretty entertaining podcasts (well, entertaining if you like listening to extremely detailed discussions about pens and occasionally paper).

TheInkNouveau YouTube videos. The owners of the The Goulet Pen Company do extremely thorough reviews of the notebooks and pens that they sell on their online store. It's evident that they're very passionate about their pens and paper, and the videos are fun to watch if you are too.
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