Electronic music similar to Abdullah Rashim?
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Just now listening to Unanimity for the first time and picking the pieces of my jaw up off the floor. Need more like this. A LOT MORE like this.
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I'm looking at the Spotify "Related Artists". They suggest MonoInput, Robert Hood, Applescal, Christopher Rau.
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Love this type of stuff-
Donato Dozzy
Voices From The Lake
Area Forty One
Miles (1/2 of Demdike Stare)
Sandwell District
Some of Jeff Mills' records
Some of the stuff on the Semantica label
Some of Mika Vianio's (of Pan Sonic) solo stuff, esp. under pseudonyms Ø or Philus
Convextion (although getting close to dub techno territory ala Maurizio, Deepchord, Fluxion, etc)
Avian label, but a lot of their stuff is harder..
The Ann Aimee label, and some of the stuff on their Delsin parent label, the Dial label.

That should get you digging in the right direction. I can maybe recommend more based on any of the above later.
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ok, just a few more-
Vladislav Delay
Yves De Mey
Raster Noton label (a recent fav, but they have a huge back-catalog)
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Hmm.. I'm reminded of some of tracks from Autechre's album "Tri Repetae."
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Reminds me of this track by Perc.
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Vatican Shadow—Remember Your Black Day

To clarify: how familiar are you with hard, minimal, non-melody-based techno in general? If you're relatively new to the genre, my recommendations would be broader. If you're interested specifically in this slower, slightly dubby microgenre—well, others can probably help you better, and I'll be reading eagerly too :)
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A lateral suggestion, if you don't mind slower tempi... Andy Stott
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Actress gets into minimal amblent too, but they're a bit all over the map sometimes.

Also some of the Kompakt ambient crew like Thomas Fehlmann, Kaito, Reinhard Voigt, Gas, etc - but that stuff is usually much warmer/happier sounding ambient - lots of pads & swingier rhythms.
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These are AMAZING suggestions! Andy Stott is incredible and I loved Perc, Sleeparchive, Lucy and Eldemin.

Slower, and more layered in definitely more in the style I like, especially if it's slightly syncopated in some way or has rhythms that are alternating at the same time. (one of the best qualities of Unanimity is that there's so much going on in the music, while at the same time it feels like only one vibe is present.)

Fantastic thread - keep 'em coming!
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I'm pretty sure you'd like a bit of Plastikman / Richie Hawtin.

On the more minimal glitch-dub side of things, you might like to give Pole a try.
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Holy Christ - Andy Stott's Luxury Problems.....just fantastic.
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Yeah - Luxury Problems was great, a lot of people went ape-shit for the EP before that one (Passed My By) but I don't get the hype on that one. At any rate his record label, Modern Love, is all in a similar vein and all pretty good, so I'd recommend exploring the other recent stuff on the label- i.e. Rainer Veil.
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A few more coming to mind:
Kangding Ray

Also re-emphasizing Ø aka Mika Vainio (link, link), who I think was the first to really perfect this style back in the early 90s, both in Panasonic and his solo stuff (and the whole Sahko label really), building much of his own analog hardware. A lot of the new guys owe much of their sound to Mika.
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Recondite is fantastic and so is the Rainer Veil. Function I had issues with - the beat was the same as my heartrate which did odd, odd things to my body.
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Last one- thought I was done with recs, but I just picked up this album and it's blowing my mind! Francis Harris - Minutes of Sleep.
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