Melodies and Mixed Drinks in Montreal
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I will be in Montreal from July 5 to July 11. Anything cool happening?

[1] I have been reading through the numerous Montreal threads, and am now looking for special events happening during the week of my visit. I am especially looking for good concerts to check out (local bands or otherwise) in addition to the Jazz Fest which will be wrapping up that weekend. Pretty much any genre is up for grabs (especially indie rock, folk, hip hop). I follow Saidthegramophone, and am always jealous of the great shows he describes going to. Also, who else has good event listings besides Cult Montreal?

[2] What are the best bars in the city? Upscale or dive, doesn't matter, but bonus points for great cocktails or dance parties. I will be staying a bit north of McGill if that helps narrow things down.

[3] Speaking of, I would also love any recommendations for cafes or brunch places in the Plateau.
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The circus arts festival continues till July 13, the 5th and 6th are the first weekend of the Weekends du Monde thing on the islands, Nuits d'Afrique starts on the 8th, and Just For Laughs on the 9th.

Cult MTL's listings are pretty good, but try the events calendar on - if you feed in your dates you will get a long list of events.
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Almost forgot – the Carifiesta parade is on July 5 along Ste-Catherine Street.

Also a street fair in the Gay Village and another massive sidewalk sale along St-Hubert. Don't know if these are your cup of tea but they're definitely beyond the usual tourism fare.
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Thanks for the million suggestions! I won't be arriving until midday on July 5, so will probably miss the Carifiesta Parade. But I definitely plan on taking a walk through those street fairs.
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How's your French? You may find links to interesting events on the Mur Mitoyen blog or on the Voir site.
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Oh, here's another thing. On the afternoon of Sunday, June 6, Saint-Viateur Street is closed to traffic for the festival of San Marziale. Saint-Viateur is the heart of hipster Montreal but the marching Italian band really adds a certain je ne sais quoi. If you like coffee, hipster hangouts, and to observe the local scene as it really is, this is the place. You could also walk up to Bernard and check out the Drawn & Quarterly bookshop if you have any interest in graphic novels and related works.
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