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Trying to remember/identify a poem I remember from an old compilation of Beat stuff. It went something along these lines of "If castration rewarded greatness, such an honor to hear, 'They're off!'" I want to say the poet was an African-American with the first name Michael, possible Irish-ish last name.
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Could be Michael Ondaatje; I don't know the poem, but castration is one of his perennial (sorry) themes.
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Michael S. Harper?
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There's the writer (and poet and playwright) Michael McClure, who's certainly associated with the Beat Generation.
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For African-American Beat poets, if there's any wiggle room on the name there's Bob Kaufman and Amiri Baraka (the former LeRoi Jones).
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I think that the book might have been a paperback compilation called simply The Beat Generation. Though that's fairly unhelpful as a title since there are dozens of books with names exactly that or close to that.
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I'd say this is unlikely to have been by an African-American poet, as Michael S. Harper wasn't a Beat (his first book of poetry didn't come out until 1970) and the only reference in the Columbia Granger's Guide to African-American Poetry that would work for the timing is "Night, Death, Mississippi" by the great Robert Hayden, who wasn't a Beat either and was writing a poem about an elderly white supremacist dreaming of yesteryear.
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If it was a book on the beats, they might have referenced the Harlem Renaissance poets as influences...? e.g. Claude McKay has an Irish-ish sounding last name, and might have written about male mutilation in reference to lynching & slavery...
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Harper wasn't a beat, but he does write about jazz.
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