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Need help the most likely name for a bird I saw in Singapore, on Sentosa Island. Unfortunately, I have no pics.

Had a striped (grey and white? I think) face like a Pied Triller or a woodpecker, I think the main stripe went over the eye?; on the ground picking for bugs and about the size of a robin or smaller thrush; overall coloration was grey, white, and light brown (I think on wings and top of head), there may have been some yellow?; top of head feathers looked ruffled or stuck up some consistently among 3 or 4 different birds at least rather than smooth. Weather was sunny. Birds weren't too afraid of the crowd of people walking nearby, though they curiously tipped their little heads to watch warily. Foraging together in a group of about 5 to 6. Their overall profile seemed somewhat thin and delicate, rather than the robust heft of a robin, if that makes sense.

If the area matters, they were on the grass near the Luge.
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The yellow-vented bubul is super common out there and the "stripe through the eye" tying made me think of it.
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Sounds like you could be describing this guy: white-crested laughingthrush
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I have no idea, but there is a sizeable birdwatching community in Singapore who could probably help you out. You could try asking around in the Nature Society forums for a start.
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