Make my black fitbit clip flesh toned
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Is there a simple way to paint or color the standard fitbit clip so that it is a nude/flesh tone? I would like to paint it, but I anticipate difficulty since it seems to be made partially of silicone. Is there a way this can be done successfully?
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You could combine colors of Sugru (moldable silicone putty) to make a flesh color, then apply a thin layer of it over the surface of the clip. It looks like some combination of yellow, red, black, and/or white Sugru would probably make the color you want.
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This guy says hair dye works on silicone. Maybe a blonde shade would work?
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Fleshtone, dude.
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I'd suggest sewing a "sleeve" of fleshtoned stretchy fabric to slip over it. You should still be able to see the lights through the fabric, too.
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What tone is your flesh?
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Fleshtone, dude.

That's for mixing into the liquid silicone before it is cast, not for painting finished parts.
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Those pigments can be mixed into the same manufacturer's silicone paint and painted on. However, at $25 for the silicone paint base and $30 for the pigments, I'm not sure it's worth it.

A heavy waterproof foundation like Dermablend might be a better option. You may have to re-apply it, but it's cheaper than the silicone paint option (albeit still pricey) and you can order it in the shade you need without having to mix pigments or putties.

Hair dye will darken silicone but is unlikely to lighten it. If it did successfully bleach it, I'd worry that it might have compromised the silicone, too.

Sewing a sleeve is probably the best option of all.
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You could also try a beige bandage tape (like the tape on bandaids -- you can buy it in rolls or just take a bandaid apart), if "medical beige" is close enough to flesh-tone for you.

(FWIW, cloth bandaids are a bit darker than plastic bandaids, at least for the Bandaid-brand ones.)
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You might cruise through the nail polish aisle and see if there is a color that would work.
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