Good yoga clothes for men?
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Where can I find good yoga clothes for men? Mid-length pants and shirts that don't fall all over the place. My old Lululemon stuff was well-designed and held up wonderfully, but they don't seem to make any purpose-designed yoga clothes for men anymore.

I have Lululemon yoga pants and shirts that I bought years ago. They've held up incredibly well, and are very well-designed. I'd be happy to pay through the nose to get the same quality again. The pants are the style that ends just below the knee (I would be okay with a little longer or shorter). Neither are the loose, baggy style of yoga clothes. They're both just stretchy/loose enough that I can move easily through yoga poses, and just stretchy/fitted enough that the cloth doesn't flop around when I move through yoga poses. Like in downward dog the shirt doesn't try to pile up around my chest, and the pant legs don't have loose cloth getting in the way all the time.
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I'm in the exact same boat as you. Miss the old lululemon stuff I have. I've taken to just buying Under Armour compression shorts and wearing those under other shorts.

I also wear athletic shirts that tighten a little at the waist - Nike Dri-fit mostly. They seem to stay out during downward dog.
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Lululemon Core shorts over Underarmour compression shorts, with an Underarmour fitted t-shirt. I buy the Underarmour stuff at a local sporting goods store, so I'm not paying attention to specific styles as "I know it when I see it", but I think the compression shorts are the "Heatgear Boxerjock" model, and I believe the fitted t-shirt is also "Heatgear". I'll wear this same outfit for hot yoga. Also: a pair of Prana Sutra long pants for the days where I live when it is really cold.
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