How old is this pair of Levi's?
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I have a pair of Levi's jeans with a fun illustrated label on the inside saying, among other things, "The more you wash 'em, the better they look and fit!" The label looks 70s to me, but I'm not very knowledgeable about Levi's, so I was wondering how I can date these and where I can find some more info about them.

I'm assuming they aren't just a current style with a retro label because the notion of washing your jeans frequently seems to be out right now. They're also marked as a size 11 and fit me just right even though I typically wear a 4-6.

Pic of interior label.
Close up of care tag.
Pic of exterior label.
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Can you post a zoomed out photo of the whole pair of jeans, too?
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The above link might help! Have fun!
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Response by poster: Zoomed out pics: front and back!
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