What's the best gift you can give to someone who LOVES MST3K?
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I have a wonderful boyfriend and I want to do something really special for him, just because. His favorite thing on earth is Mystery Science Theater 3000. He already owns all of the episodes and watches them constantly, so I am looking for REALLY SPECIAL merchandise or home made MST3K items to buy for him. Can you guys point me in the right direction? Google and Etsy aren't turning up anything interesting.
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Assuming there is a definitive list of MST3K movies . . . could you get him a copy of a movie that they haven't done, but that fully merits their treatment? That he can kind of imagine as it goes along? Kind of like giving a sketch pad to someone who likes fine art museums.
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There's this MST3K character poster.
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The first thing that came to mind, which I myself lust after, is his very own Tom Servo (or Crow, but...really?). I've seen a few places online that sell either assembled bots or kits with all the parts. I'm not sure how reliable they are.
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There are live shows by the creators or local groups that are often good in big cities. In Austin, we have Master Pancake at the Alamo Drafthouse. Something like that might really make his day!
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Are you familiar with Rifftrax? It's the same concept, done by some of the same people, but for more mordern movies, and they're doing a live show that will be broadcast to theatres in various places on July 10 & 15. Maybe get some tickets and have a grand old time?
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Call Meltdown Comics (in L.A....maybe also SF?) They have a lot of really odd collectibles and I thiiink I might have seen something mst3k there last time I went...would at least be worth a phone call :)
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When you say he owns all of the episodes, do you mean he has all of the DVD sets that have come out? Because if not, he might like one of the sets that come in a collector's tin, like the 25th anniversary edition (comes with a bunch of extras and four mini posters) or the the 20th anniversary edition (pricey but it comes with a Crow figurine).
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Personally, I have an MST3K tattoo, but if he's not into tattoos, then that won't work.

I'd look for people who do custom work on Etsy and get something specially made. Maybe a metal cutout, clock, embroidery, painting, something. There are tons of people who will do custom work if you ask. It's difficult to narrow down without knowing what they're into or what they might be able to fit into their house. You could also get a photo of them and make a blanket or pillow or something printed.

(Although there's also Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic.)
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Buy red jumpsuit in his size.
Buy Gizmonics patch from Etsy.
Sew patch on jumpsuit.

I love MST3k and I've always wanted a Joel jumpsuit.
I think it would be awesome.

Picture reference.
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I really enjoy going to RiffTrax shows. And they're doing Sharknado next month! If you want it to be really special, you can go to the theater where they're doing the broadcast (The Stage, in Minneapolis) and see it live.

I can't tell you how much fun it is to sit an whole movie theater full of fell geeks, watching it live. Hella fun!
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Satellite News has some catchphrase shirts. There's a fair amount of stuff at MST3K.com, as well.
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Yeah, if I wanted a balls-out amazing MST gift, I'd get tickets and travel to wherever the next Rifftrax in-person live show is happening. Speaking as a fan and wife to a fan. We've met about half the cast over the years, and they're all lovely, so another option would be to look up any upcoming appearances within a few states and go.

(A Tom Servo is a close second, particularly if he has a strong preference for the Joel years.)
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I'm a lifelong fan of MST3K, and personally I would rather get tickets to an in-person RiffTrax live show than get merchandise. I saw Cinematic Titanic live a couple years ago because they had a show near me and it was a very good time.
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If he's a collector, you could start with some prized but out-of-print stuff that should still be available if you poke around. There's Comedy-Central-era companion book The Amazing Colossal Episode Guide. Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy (Servo) both wrote entertaining movie-going memoirs. Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic are fairly well known, but short-lived interim project The Film Crew has kind of slidden into obscurity (collect all four DVDs!). And Poopie!, the official blooper reel, drifts in and out of availability - your best non-VHS bet would be the Essentials collection where it's available as a bonus feature.

And then beyond that, you could always poke around on ebay and try to come up with tapes of some of the MST3K epherema. There were Turkey Day marathons with new host segments; there were the various specials - none of those are going to be officialy commercially available, but you see them on ebay now and again. Have fun!
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Didn't occur to me earlier, but the Episode Guide is a must-have. I'm sure you can casually ask if he already has it. It's fun getting behind-the-scenes details and musings from the cast.
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The fan MST3K versions of Star Trek V and Highlander 2 are excellent. A guy named Ryan Johnson made them.
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