Primo Flavorstation not bubbling
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I'm annoyed to use a question on this but whatever. Our Primo Flavorstation 120 isn't bubbling. I changed the CO2 canister but no improvement. When I press the button to fill the bottle, just a little bubbliness starts coming out, and then nothing. What the heck?

Only clue is, there is some sort of narrow straw that comes down the inside of the contraption, next to the CO2 canister, and down to the bottom, emptying into the drainage tray. That straw is broken. I had presumed that the purpose of this straw was to siphon CO2 and fluid into the drainage tray when you press the release button after bubbling the contents of the bottle, so not sure why this would matter.

Extensive googling has not been helpful.

Thanks people.
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The first thing to do is to make sure your CO2 bottle is screwed all the way in. I had a couple occasions where I thought I had the bottle all the way into my Sodastream, but didn't. If possible, I'd also look at the mechanism where the lever you press connects to the bottle, to be sure that it isn't somehow skewed so the pin that it depresses in the bottle isn't going down far enough (a couple mm may make a huge difference).
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