Cookie delivery in Miami right now?
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Is there a way I can have cookies from somewhere delivered ASAP to a house in Coral Gables, Florida?

There was a death in my SO's family yesterday and I would like to have something sent to their house this afternoon, as I cannot be there right now. My SO said she and her mother keep mentioning that they'd like some cookies, so I'm wondering if I (in Portland) can have some cookies sent to their house right now.

Preferably these would be maybe some sort of bakery assortment or something, not like a package of Oreos. Even an assortment from like Whole Foods would be fine, but I don't know if there's a way to have the cookies delivered to their house.

They live in Coral Gables, not far from Coconut Grove and the Sunset shopping area.

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Can you just call the whole foods in coral gables and ask them to deliver an assortment, which you will pay for over the phone with a visa? You might have extra luck by referring to it as a bereavement assortment.
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Cookies by Design, just called to confirm CG is in their delivery area.
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Om Nom Nom Cookies Delivers! Bonus...VEGAN! (If you care.)

Corner Bakery will deliver as well.
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The Whole Foods won't do it for reasons sort of unclear. They won't deliver unless I have my credit card on file with them, but they won't let me put my credit card on file with them over the phone (?). Not sure. I got transferred three times between the same two folks.

Cookies by Design can't do it today, but could tomorrow.

Om Nom Nom (which looks amazing and perfect) are on vacation(!) otherwise they said they would normally love to do it.

Corner Bakery is in Miami, so I doubt they'll deliver to CG but I will call and check.

I may put up a thing on Craigslist and be like, hey, pick up some cookies and take them to this house and I will paypal you the cost of the cookies + $20 or whatever.
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Can you try a deli? It's been my experience that delis often deliver trays to bereaved families; they will get the need for speed. I'm sorry I'm not familiar with the area but if you can find a Jewish deli (perhaps call a synagogue or a funeral home for a recommendation) they are likely to want to help.

I'm sorry for your family's loss.
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Hey, so I called the Delivery Dudes and they are really great. He's going to Whole Foods to pick up an assortment of cookies and take it to their house right now.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I appreciate it.
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Instead of looking at bakeries and such, you might try looking at local restaurants that deliver, and then checking out their desserts.

You could also look into a messenger or courier service. Their job is to go places, pick things up, and take them to other places, and they generally can do same day delivery.

Alternately, you could call a local bakery and ask if they would consider delivering based on your circumstances.
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Sorry. I saw "delivery today" link on their site and didn't even ask.

What about a restaurant service? Delivery Dudes seems to operate down there. There's also a national sub chain, Jimmy John's.
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Although it is not the most efficient way, here is what you might consider: Order a pizza for delivery and ask to speak to the driver before he departs. When he calls, ask him to pick up the cookies on the way and give him a big tip. I used to do this with beer all the time. Get the driver to pick up a six and we would reimburse him and give a good tip.
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Harry and David is always a great option. They will overnight or same day for $20 - $25 charge.
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As a follow-up - the Delivery Dude ended up not even charging me a penny (!), also bought a condolences card on my behalf (which I didn't even ask for), and called me to confirm the delivery within like an hour.

It's been a sad day that was made a little better by the truly remarkable and unexpected customer service of the Delivery Dudes. I wanted to give them a little shout out. Good people.
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