How can I turn a text file into a bunch of images using imagemagick?
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Say I have a text file with short lines of text (e.g. License plate numbers or radio call letters). I'd like to use imagemagick to convert this text file to a folder full of images of said text, with each line from the text file being a separate image. Preferably, I'd like the output to be named with the content. What are the magic command-line words to make this happen?

I'm on OSX Mavericks, and have managed to get imagemagick installed and working. I can generate a single test image from the command line.

Example: If a line of the file is "CU L8R", I'd like the image to be just those letters, and the filename to be CUL8R.png or similar.

Thanks, command line mavens!
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Your problem is underspecified (what resolution? what font? what colors? what line wrapping? what character spacing? etc., etc., etc.), but this might help.
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Sorry, I was unclear. I'm still fiddling with the exact font, colors, kerning etc. but I've been able to figure out the syntax for those ok. Assume I'm able to generate a single image from a single line of text with the specifications I want using the command line.

What I can't figure out are the proper commands for piping input from the text file, split by line, and then saving it out to multiple files.
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You can loop through the lines of a file in Bash like this:
while read line; do
  imagemagick --text "$line" --output "$line.png"
done <file.txt
That executes a separate ImageMagick command for each line (I made up the command, but you can put the variables into your working command).
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And that, along with some messing around with escape characters and such, did the trick. Thanks!
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