Where to find casual men's clothes for the office?
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My company just moved from business casual to casual. Most of my clothes are business casual and I'd like to upgrade my wardrobe (on a reasonable budget) to dress sharp in a casual (jeans ok, shorts not) environment. I'm 30 in middle management so looking for something contemporary, but not cutting edge that would look sharp in a big, conservative Midwest company. Can you point me to online resources to help find outfits that look good and are reasonably priced? Thanks in advance!
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For me, L L Bean is where I buy that kind of clothing.
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Land's End's tailored fit products are a good bet, and they're always running sales. I also really like J Crew's Bowery pants. On a pricier tip, Bonobos jeans and pants are pretty nice. Uniqlo for slightly more hip stuff, though their basics - like oxford shirts - are good too.
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I have an embarrassing amount of clothing from Frank & Oak. It's worth signing up for a free account: they don't harass you. Also try J. Crew Factory.

But all you may really need are nice jeans to wear with the shirts you already own.
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Banan Republic? "Casual" for work isn't really the same as weekend, wear-whatever-grungy-t-shirt- you-want casual. I think it just means "jeans ok."
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So for men's clothes, I think fit matters a lot more than where you're getting the clothes. You can walk into a high end place and get your measurements if you don't know them.

This is all general:
For jeans, they can "break" once, aka get bunched up, otherwise they should go straight down. More bunches and they're too long.
Shirts should have the seam for the sleave where the bones for your shoulder and arm meet. You can feel this. Too short and it's tight and too long and it looks weird.
Similar to jean length, shirts sleeves should not bunch. They should go to your wrist and when you move your arm not move much thanks to your cuff.

If you have more questions on this, let me know. Also, brown goes with a lot more than black in general for belts/shoes.

edit: Once you understand fit, you can find most of the clothes you need at a thrift store. I found $700 and $150 shoes basically new at a Goodwill this weekend. I paid $16 total.
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I really like bonobos' pants (their shirts are not my fav). Try uniqlo for nice clothes that are super cheap.
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Get nice (selvedge) jeans.
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For a 30 year old guy?

Nordstrom - "The Rail"
Banana Republic
J. Crew
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No one is going to confess but a lot of people wear Dockers. I used to cut the labels off of mine. You can run them through the washing machine and they still hold their shape without looking too formal.

A polo or a button down shirt and you are good. Labels are the indentifier. Stay away from those. Jeans are difficult really. Either they are jeans or they are creased jeans.

Shoes are what people unconsciously notice.

Don't forget, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”
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