Flying on a jetplane to Dallas. What can I do at night?
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I will be arriving around 5 PM, might take me until 6 PM to get to the hotel on Sunday. It's a business related trip, but since I'll be working normal office hours, I can work around it and still try to have some kind of fun. I've never been to Dallas. What can you suggest to me that might be fun?

I love traveling and have always wanted to go to Dallas. The only tricky part is that museums and any normal businesses are pretty much out of the question given my 8-5 hours. Also, I need to stay within Dallas, business expenses are refusing to cover a rental car since my hotel is right next to the company's building. By the way, technically the hotel is in Irving, the map indicates it's pretty close to the hotel and also relatively close to some clubs, but I don't know which to choose.

I do like clubs (dance clubs) and I am a bit of a night owl. That said, I feel I'm going to be pigeonholed into just checking out night clubs. I will be by myself so please give me more safe, more public areas where I'm likely to be able to cab it back to my hotel. I also like stand-up comedy (for the record). I am also female, single and 28, hence the safety concern. For the record, I have no qualms about going to gay clubs. I just need to find some nice people so I won't feel so weird about going clubbing alone.

At any rate, I'm open to any and every suggestion you throw my way. Thanks in advance -- you'll be saving me a ton of research time and it's always best to hear it straight from the horses' mouth! (Ha, see that? A little Southern humor for you). My trip is from Sunday evening until Friday evening -- I'll be flying back to the city I live in around 8 PM on Friday.
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Without knowing your hotel, this might all be bunk, but here goes: Get on DART's Orange Line and head east to downtown Dallas. At any stop in downtown, transfer to the Green Line and get off at Deep Ellum station. There is a lot of nightlife there that isn't just the usual clubs. D-Link will also get you to Oak Cliff and Bishop Arts, another two areas with a good evening scene. All of these places will be well-populated and full of people doing what you are doing, which is having fun after work.

I don't have any specific recommendations because we all have our tastes. If you're going alone, Bishop Arts is new and trendy enough that there should be plenty of people to talk to who aren't already regulars at wherever you wind up.

Sorry, Irving, you're the classic Dallas suburb with not much to do at night.
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Dallas Comedy House, free or cheap every night except Mondays. It's mostly improv (more longform/experimental rather than games, it's not the kind of place where they make fun of you or whatever) with the occasional stand-up, the vibe is very friendly, the drinks are reasonably priced, and there's a couple of really great restaurants within a block or two. I used to take classes there. You can use the DART Deep Ellum stop, or take Uber/cab/etc.

Unless this is not a novelty where you come from, you might enjoy seeing a movie at a Studio Movie Grill or Movie Tavern.

You might check the Dallas Observer's calendar to see if there's any bands/plays/museum nights/restaurant deals.

I quit clubbing a katrillion years ago, but if you're into goth/industrial The Church is open Thursdays and Sundays and still appears to be a good time. It doesn't really gain momentum until about 11pm. It is also in Deep Ellum not far from the DART stop.

As far as I can tell Oak Lawn is still the original gayborhood and JR's and Sue Ellen's are still pretty much at the epicenter of a bunch of clubs and restaurants within a few blocks.
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These are all great recommendations, so I'll just add that, if you're interested in clubs, there are plenty in Uptown.

I'm partial to the lower Greenville area, myself. It has a pretty laid-back vibe and Truck Yard, while not a club, is a great Texas-y bar, as is Single-Wide across the street.

I know there's a comedy club in Mockingbird Station called Hyena's, but I have no idea if it's any good or not. Mockingbird Station also has a nice artsy movie theater (Angelika Dallas) and a very good cocktail place called People's Last Stand.

Finally, if you want to do the whole Texas two-step/Western swing experience, Cowboy's Red River, Post Time, or Electric Cowboy are great and it should be easy for you to pick up a dance partner!
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You can listen to some podcasts. Tl;dr, planet money, and freakanomics are some of my favorites.
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I live in Oak Cliff down the street from the Bishop Arts district. It is a trendy area, but the bars are more of your traditional sit and drink types. There is not much of a club scene in Bishop.

I will second Deep Ellum and downtown, both of which are very accessible via DART. Also check out Cedar springs for the gay club scene. Been there a few times with friends, and JR's is a blast. Actually all of the clubs along Cedar Springs are a blast. There is not a DART station terribly close, but tons of cabs.

Also, the lower Greenville area has a ton of bars / clubs. It is generally a 20-something crowd, and there is the Granada if you want to see live music.
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