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Training app for faster 5k.

So I started running using a Couch to 5k app. It worked great. I finished the program and immediately kept going with Runkeeper and a 10k training program. This started out well, but now half-way through it has me running 7 - 8 miles just taking too much time.

I'm thrilled that I can run for these longer distances, but one of the things I loved about the 5k program was that I could run, recover, shower and be back to my day in an hour. These longer runs take too much time.

Any recommendations for a training program that concentrates on shorter distances? Runkeeper has some paid training programs, but I'm also open to other apps.
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Best answer: I don't know if this sounds appealing to you, but at some point (when I was way past half marathon level) I actually started the C25K program again - but doing intervals. So the walking segments I'd run at my normal pace, and the running segments faster (tho not at max intensity).
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I've thought to do the same as Clarissa mentions...but wondered what % new pace to keep my "run" section at.
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Addidas miCoach has in your earbuds coaching based on your heart rate or pace, and has a bunch of 5k related training plans, including ones designed to make you faster.
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Best answer: RunDouble also has a C25K pace improver. It's a paid app but less than two dollars, with a free trial.
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Not an app, but you could try Hal Higdon's programmes, maybe the novice 8km or 10km. Your longest workouts there would be 60 minutes or 5.5 miles. I started with Higdon's 10km novice after seeing it recommended here, and moved on to Runkeeper, which seems to be a bit more intense and has longer training runs, as you've noticed.
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Garmin has training plans, and they have one for an intermediate 5K that you might find useful.

They have some good interval stuff in there, although every training plan is going to include long runs since that's an accepted part of any distance running training now.
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I'm a fan of Hal Higdon's programs, and one thing he certainly doesn't do is run you too much. In the advanced programs, you'd probably be doing the 7-8 mile runs for a 10k, but then probably only 1 day a week.
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