What type of floor tiles are these?
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I am trying to identify the type and brand of floor tiles in my kitchen so I can replace a couple of them. Unfortunately, there is no box, no label and no brand identifier on them. I think they are vinyl tiles, in an off-white and black cover , with a cork backing and fit together with locking edges (see pics here). Anybody have any ideas of the manufacturer or brand name?
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posted by lilnublet at 9:53 AM on June 14, 2014

We just installed something similar. It is Vinyl Composite Tile.
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Munchingzombie, you may be right. Thanks. I'll email the company to confirm.
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If it's 13" tile, then it's marmoleum. Note that the colors may not match perfectly since it's a natural material and dye lots may vary.
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Argh, just asked Armstrong, and they said that it isn't one of theirs as they don't make a locking tile. So, no go there.

Lilbunet & Nightshould, I am not sure about Marmoleum as this is cork-backed and is not glued to the subfloor: it uses a locking edge. the tiles are just under 12 inches inches on a side.
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