Where can I purchase Cisco fortified wine in Northern Virginia
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Where can I purchase Cisco fortified wine in northern Virginia or the metro DC area. Ideally I wouldn't have to drive all the way in to DC, but could be convinced if you're sure its sold a shop there. For what it's worth - acquiring the wine is for lulz purposes, not for "oh I really want to drink Cisco."
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Cisco is a gas station/convenience store item - don't even bother looking for it anywhere else. I work for one of their North Carolina wholesalers and the vast majority of accounts buying it (like, nearing 95%) are gas stations. I would be surprised if the majority of gas stations near you don't have it - I'd just call a few and see.
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Have you called an ABC store?
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I'm in cahoots with ish__ in asking this question; we want to put a bottle of Cisco (wine) on top of the Cisco (router) we installed in his house earlier today so we can (as it were) Cisco while we Cisco:


Anyway, we checked several gas and convenience stations today and couldn't find it. I live in Michigan and am just here visiting; I have looked in at least ten liquor stores in Detroit and couldn't find it there either, so I was thinking maybe it was a regional product now.

We didn't call any ABC stores, but we looked at an ABC price list on their website which seemed pretty comprehensive. It didn't list any Cisco (or "Constellation Brands," the company which owns and supposedly makes Cisco beverages) products at all.

Clearly this is not a "big deal," but it would be pretty fun to find some of this if we can. And I have another friend back in Michigan who will flip his lid with laughter (for the same router/nerd-related reason) if I find some and bring it back.
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Well, I can rule out a couple things. Shoppers doesn't carry it, nor does Total Wine. It doesn't look like Food Lion does either, but that's not as well established.

Total Wine does carry other adult beverages that carry a Cisco brand, but they seem unrelated. They're beers.
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If your location is correct in your profile, I would try either the 7-11 on Plaza St. or maybe the Sheetz near Costco. You might have better luck with a short drive to Brunswick, MD, or maybe the convenience store in Point of Rocks. Oh, or one of the little convenience stores in Sterling, like Prime Mart on Church Rd. or the ones off Old Ox east of 28.
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If all else fails, let me know: I'm headed (from northern Virginia) down to North Carolina in a couple weeks, and I can look around then.
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